Light Tower RYG (with DB9 preinstalled)


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A standard light tower for signaling a station’s status to the line technicians or line managers.

Use it to signal that a station is not safe to approach due to moving robotic arms, or that a station is in an error state and needs to be troubleshooted.

This model uses LEDs, which not only means lower power and longer lifetimes, but if you use our controller, no external power is needed!

This model comes with a DB9 connector installed at the factory for easy use with our controllers. The pinout is compatible out of the box with our controllers, but is also available for your use if you have another controller already.

The DB9 is a male connector with the following pinout:

Pin 1: NC
Pin 2: Red Cathode (Power)
Pin 3: Yellow Cathode
Pin 4: Green Cathode
Pin 5-8: NC
Pin 9: Shared Anode / Ground

Additional information

Dimensions 3.25 × 3.25 × 13 in
Mounting Type

Base, Pole And Flange


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